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San Felipe B.C

San Felipe B.C. México.

San Felipe is located 190 km away. away from the city of Mexicali from the State of Baja California Mexico on the border with the city of Calexico located in the State of California E.U.A.



The Port is located at a height of 10 meters above sea level.



The Port of San Felipe could be considered a Beautiful "Natural Spa", it is famous for its tides, unique and impressive natural phenomena, its waters are warm and calm; You can enjoy beautiful moments by the sea with its dazzling and contrasting colors, creating that perfect harmony between the sky, sea and land.


In Gastronomy it is characterized by the freshness of its seafood products. Throughout the year there are several tourist events that attract hundreds of visitors, such as the shrimp festival, the clam festival, the ceviche festival and different races that are celebrated along the magnificent desert roads of Baja California .


Unique and unique destination of sun, beach and desert where you can find the best walks, recreational activities in the nature of both sea and land, exquisite cuisine, refreshing drinks and beautiful moments by the sea.


Resort & Condos

SANDOLLAR Resort & Condos is located at km. # 6 of the San Felipe road to the Airport, facing the beach.



Our Condos and comfortable and romantic rooms, are within walking distance of the beaches of the Cortés Sea.



The rooms have an extraordinary balcony overlooking the Wonderful Sea of Cortez and our pool.



The atmosphere and family harmony invites people and groups to enjoy the view from the balconies and rest rooms, areas to eat and sit outdoors without worries.



Terrace and swings overlooking the sea and the white sand beach, adult playground, playground for children and a beautiful pool with waterfall and a relaxing Jacuzzi on one side.

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